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Belgrove Appliance customers rave about the top rate, luxurious service they receive from the Stove Lady.

Our lastest from "M." in New York City October 2014

Carlita Belgrove, The Stove Lady, works miracles.  My Welbilt stove is over 30 years old and three years ago, the oven stopped working. The thermometer was to blame. But Welbilt is no longer in the stove business and the repair folks  I previously called said the parts were not available and nothing could be done. They said I should get a new one. But I love my stove and did not want another. Thank goodness I found Carlita, The Stove Lady.  Instead of "it can't be done" it was, "we'll get it fixed" and sure enough, she quickly found the exact part and arranged for a speedy and efficient installation. So presto, within days the oven was perfect again.  But that was three years ago and my dear stove's still growing older and so another part recently went on the blink. But hey, no problem. Now I knew who to call and once again, in her most positive, upbeat and reassuring way, The Stove Lady  makes the correct diagnosis, finds the correct part, and makes sure all the work is done to perfection.  Really, I can't say enough good things about Carlita Belgrove, her crew and her way of doing things.  She and all her people are completely  professional. Would that all businesses work with such courtesy, patience, honesty and expertise.  And just as important, you can be sure that with Carlita there is never a problem of communication or scheduling. She is completely on the ball so while everything is done in the most time and cost saving way no effort is spared to achieve the most excellent result.  This is a company that deserves the highest recommendation. 


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Top Realtor Allison Ziefert just blogged about the Stove Lady..

Those of you who know me know that I love retro kitchen stuff. I even have an old stove in my own kitchen. I love it but it wasn't working quite right so I called Carlita Belgrove of Belgrove Appliance in Westchester Co. NY. Carlita was able to calibrate the ovens and repair several other issues.

Carlita is an expert in restoring and repairing older stoves and there are very few people who know how to handle these ranges. If you have an old one she says that they can last a lifetime, as opposed to newer appliances which are planned to be obsolete within 7-10 year. If you are looking to make a restored stove the centerpiece of your kitchen, Belgrove can help you find one. Not only do antique stoves bring a warmth to your home, they can be good for the planet if you hold on to them.

Allison Ziefert, top realtor with Keller Williams Mid-Town Direct in Maplewood, NJ (and antique appliance lover)

"Belgrove Appliance found the parts for my 1950s vintage Tappan oven that I couldn't locate myself locally or on the internet. Local vendors I checked with suggested I replace the oven. Since the stove / oven was built-into a brick wall, I didn't relish the prospect of replacing it and hiring a mason to boot. Belgrove Appliance located and shipped the parts promptly. I couldn't be more pleased to be able to continue using this well-built appliance with the help I received from Belgrove." - J Derksen, Denver, CO

"It has been 15 years since my stove worked. You don't know how much money I spent paying three different men to repair my stove. They told me it couldn't be repaired and you, a woman, fixed it". - A Very Satisfied Customer, New York

"That burner hadn't worked for three years. The last technician who came to repair it told me the parts are no longer available. I am amazed that you had the parts and were able to fix it". - Kelly, New York

"I paid a guy from Sears $145 who told me my old stove couldn't be fixed. You fixed it over the phone by telling me what to do". - Angrad, New Jersey

“I engaged her services to repair my precious “antique” and through skill, patience, perseverance and the “inside track” with warehouses who hoard scarce older stove parts, she brought my “baby” back to life! All of this was accomplished efficiently, with good humor and at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend Ms. Carlita Belgrove for any kind of stove/appliance repair, she’s a miracle worker!" - Mrs. P. McInerney, New York

The Stove Lady believes in giving… My client’s wife was gravely ill. The only time he could do laundry was over the weekend.  Because of our schedules, I had to start the repair on Saturday & finish it on Sunday.  Most people/service companies don’t see dryer repair/doing laundry as an emergency, but I saw a man who was caring for his wife and the weekend was the only time to do his laundry.  What I did was not allow one other small thing to get in the way of him caring for his wife.  I love my customers and it was the least I could do to say “If I could help you in any way, please let me.”  Taking money didn’t seem like the right thing to do.  Apparently they felt differently.  I received the letter below from them about a week later and it brought tears to my eyes.  I have removed their names for privacy purposes.

Dear Carlita:
I am just back from my daily hospital visit to M.  She is stable, but still needs morphine to keep her pain under control.  Her blood levels continue to fluctuate wildly day to day despite her medical team giving her constant bags of blood products. You are an angel to have offered to donate your hard earned service fee to my fundraising cause.  M was really touched by your generosity and insists that you be paid especially as you went out of your way to fix the dryer.  I totally agree with her so here is a check for your work and I have also donated $XXX to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in your name.  A receipt is attached. Again thank you so much for your generosity. - K M

Chambers 61C Buttercup Yellow - Full Restoration - Alice G., Massachusetts

“Carlita, I just wanted to let you know that the stove is in, hooked up, and is functioning beautifully (I made cookies). The guy who came to help hook up the gas said it was the most beautiful restoration job he had ever seen and that he would remember the stove for along time. I love using it, looking at it, and even just thinking about it, so thanks for your excellent work!“ - Alice G

Often wonder what happens years after the restoration?
I did too so I followed up with Alice G., one of our original restoration customers.  This is what she said more than five years after the job was finished….

The stove is fantastic, of course! I run a community service group at the school where I teach, and lately we have been doing some cooking and baking for local agencies such as Franklin County Community Meals and the Amherst Survival Center. Last Wednesday we made enough casseroles and desserts to feed close to 70 people, and there is no way we could have done it without that stove!


Chambers BZ, white with chrome top - J. Young, Decatur, Georgia

We decided to commission a vintage stove restoration to complete our 1927 bungalow kitchen renovation. After some trial and error with other vendors, we were able to find Carlita at Belgrove Appliance. Carlita had a very good reputation in the industry and among other vintage range owners. However, we were apprehensive about working so remotely on such a large, detailed and valuable project. In the end, our fears were unfounded.

After nailing down the exact model and look we wanted (Chambers BZ, white with chrome top), we clarified all the restoration, shipping and receiving details via a contract. Carlita fulfilled the contract in every aspect. Our range was delivered within the specified time range, the exact product to which we had agreed and a beautiful restoration.

Carlita is very conscientious about her work product and her customers’ satisfaction. We received detailed pictures and videos pre-shipping, as well as instructions on how to use the range. To address our concerns regarding installation, as we are in Atlanta and she is in New York, Carlita was willing to be on-call to the delivery and installation people. We called her several times and she was always willing to walk us through the question at hand.

Indeed, even long after the range has been installed, we have called her with questions as we explore using our new range and she is happy to help each time we call.

The most enjoyable part of working with Carlita was her genuine desire to honestly help people and do the “right thing.” She went over and above to rectify a problem that had actually occurred in shipping, and thus not her fault. However, she wanted us to be able to enjoy the range. Carlita went on to help me find a good scratch repair service for shipping damage. Again, the shipping company’s fault, but Carlita wanted to make sure the repairs were invisible. Our only problem with the range (minor porcelain issue on the burners) was dealt with quickly and free of charge.

We entered the restoration project with our eyes open. You cannot restore a 61 year old range, ship it across the country and install it remotely without a few snags. What matters is how you deal with the issue at hand and Carlita deals with customers in an honest, ethical and caring manner.

Chambers 90C Green Range - In Shop Tier 1 Cleaning & Partial Restoration - Louise C., Massachusetts

My experience working with her and her staff has been 100% positive, and the results of the project exceeded my expectations.

I'm happy to provide a reference for Carlita Belgrove. My experience working with her and her staff has been 100% positive, and the results of the project exceeded my expectations. Carlita runs a very professional business, and her extensive knowledge about stove restoration is invaluable. She approached every issue with a practical solution, and kept me well informed of every step in the process. My beautiful family stove is again part of my life. I've owned my own retail business for 35 years, and know the value of a good reference.

Louise C., Massachusetts

Chambers 90C Buttercup Yellow - Full Restoration - EDWARD M., Catskills, New York

One thing about Carlita...She is always there for you.

In the early months of 2008, i decided to buy a chambers stove.Unfortunately, I did not do my research,and ended up,paying too much. I then decided to have it restored and called carlita. She sat me down,went over every item that needed to be restored,gave me a price, and then gently informed me that i had made a mistake in over-paying for the stove. During the next two months,carlita and i talked constantly trying to figure out the best option. Together we found a solution..close to a total restoration...But one that i could afford.During this time, and throughout the whole project carlita's patience and knowledge so impressed me. One thing about Carlita...She is always there for you. Even now,if i have a question,she is there ready to help. At the start of this project, she was my contractor,today she is my friend.Sometimes pictures speak louder then words...Please see the before and after pictures...Trust me she is the best in her business.

Ed M.

Crown Cleaning & Partial Restoration - White Stove - Judy H., NYC NY

I recommend her unconditionally.

Carlita and her crew repaired and restored our Crown stove (circa 1964) to its former glory. I recommend her unconditionally. She comes when she says "she’s going to come". She prepares a thorough and reasonable estimate for the work to be done; she and her partners do the work exactly as specified; and when the stove is returned it looks (and acts!) just like new.

She is a miracle and I am thrilled to have found her.

Good luck with your project.
Judy H., NYC NY

Chambers Cooktop - Cleaning Only - Griddle Restored - Mary Louise H., Eastchester, NY

I am delighted with my restored Chambers cook-top!

Dear Carlita,

It is a pleasure to know that every thing is in wonderful working order. She is clean and happy, and I am luxuriating in my daily cookery.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, and for understanding how quality can make a difference. I will always appreciate, and never underestimate, this jewel in my kitchen.

I would like to extend a special thanks to Lonnie for his excellence, nurturing, and kindness.

As ever,
Mary Louise


Thank you for the excellent service. You and your team arrived on time with the proper parts and made exactly the right adjustments to my Viking stove so that it's once again running beautifully. However, what really made the difference was attitude - everyone from Belgrove was courteous and friendly. I can't imagine using another appliance repair service for my stove.


Helene G.
Hastings on Hudson, NY

1962 Welbilt Tiara gas stove
Bill S., Lawrence, KS

In the fall of 2009 I stumbled across something I thought I'd never see: a brand new, still-in-the-box vintage gas stove from the 1960s. It was for sale at a local Restore. It was too good to be true, and when I bought it for $75, I thought I had outright stolen it. There was only one problem: all four drip pans were missing. At the time I shrugged it off, thinking, how hard could those be to replace? Turns out, a lot harder than I imagined. Finding a four-leaf clover would have been easier. After months of fruitless searching online and countless phone calls, finally, someone suggested I contact "The Stove Lady in New York". "The Stove Lady?" At this point, I was pretty desperate.

I called her up and told her my situation. Despite the reality that it's nearly impossible to find parts for old Welbilt stoves anymore, Carlita nonetheless took my plight seriously and immediately worked out a plan to try and locate replacement drip pans. She was like an airline ticket agent who reassured me that there were still seats available. This was in marked contrast to the attitude I got from most people I contacted in the stove repair/restoration business, which essentially was, "Good luck pal, I doubt you're going to find those things anymore." Well, to make a long story short, in less than a few weeks Carlita had found the pans, and she sold them to me for a very reasonable price. I couldn't have been happier.

Carlita also helped me find a missing knob for the stove and provided valuable set-up guidance for this new-old stove. So far it's been a joy to operate, and dealing with Carlita has been equally joyful and a great privilege too because it's not often that you get this kind of prompt, helpful, positive and personal service from any business these days. I feel lucky to be a customer of hers and her company.



The “journey” was much shorter in time than I had expected, but more satisfying than I had looked forward to. I love my new stove … it looks beautiful. Am I really supposed to cook on it now?

I would like to thank you and your staff for the courteous, professional and prompt attention you gave me through the whole process of my making the decision to purchase your Tier One contract. So far, everything seems to be working beautifully according to contract … and I have done some stove-top cooking.

Jency B., Bronx, NY

November 2010







Dear Carlita & Staff,

I can't thank all of you enough for the work you have done to repair and restore the Chambers stove my parents purchased 58 years ago.

From the first phone call I made to you, Carlita, to ask questions about purchasing some new parts that were not working, you were so pleasant and knowledgeable.  When you decided you needed to come to our home to see the parts needing repair, it was prompt, and I appreciated how you were so precise with the time you would be coming and even called to let me know when you were leaving the shop.  So reliable!

Carlita, you gave detailed information about what you would be doing and how much it would cost.  You kept me informed every step of the way.  No surprises!

The stove is just beautiful!

I hate to use it and dirty it, but I will, hopefully, enjoy many years of cooking and baking.  I will recommend you to anyone needing appliance repairs.  I've already shared my good experience with many.  People can't wait to come and see the stove.  I'm telling them to bring gloves and sunglasses and charging admission.  Also, thank you for how pleasant and caring you were with Uncle Neil.

My best to all of you and May God Bless each one of you!


Diane D., Bergenfield, NJ

October 2010


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